WTH is wrong with Serplab?

""Warning! It looks like we have a Problem!
Due to an ongoing issue with our network provider checks are being delayed.
There are currently 10734 keywords in the queue to be checked.
Please be patient and we are doing all we can to get everything back to normal ASAP.
Just so you know (and maybe feel better), the free queue will not be processed until all your keywords have been checked
There are currently 710734 free keywords waiting!""

I'm facing this issue for…

WTH is wrong with Serplab? ^(http://technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/wth-is-wrong-with-serplab.949645/)

Forex training videos for total noobie?

I have some free time now, so I decided to learn forex. I hate read intsructions, or read any ebooks about that, too hard to understand. Looking for easy to understand Forex video tutorials for beginners :) What you recommend?

Anyone made $$$$ on steemit.com?

So, I stumbled across this new thing called steemit where people are making lots of money creating content for the website. I wonder what BHW members think about it. Has anyone found a good way to make lots of money on this website?

Real Social Signals

Hello. I've contacted and purchased social signals from different BHW sellers. My question is, is there anyone who is selling real social signals?

How is he getting those?

Look: Search "Adobe Photoshop CS6 Windows 32/64 Bit – Official Software Download & Serial Key" on eBay, I can't post links.

So much money from doing probably nothing.

How did he get those serials? I've also seen somebody selling Windows activation keys, but those he stated he get from broken PC's probably from the electronic waste site. He gets so much money he can pay some and get access to go there every day.

How to get USA likes

I want to create a page with only USA real likes. How to do that since I stay at different country? What is the possible step I should follow? Requesting a details discuss.


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