Facebook journey to 100K likes

After only reading this forum I want to take action.

Purpose : building a Facebook page to 100K likes. Moneytising is a problem for later ;)
Niche : Sport
Methode : Facebook ads (first time use)
Budget : start with 75 euro

Day 1 :
I made 2 facebook ads
– 15 days : 1 euro/day -> Boosting a post from the page
– 15 days : 1 euro/Day -> Liking my page

Result ad 1 : 6.5k likes , don't know how many page likes (reached 38K people)
Result ad 2 : 2.7k page likes

Total spend day 1 : 2,04 euro…

Facebook journey to 100K likes

Amount of Content on a PBN

So i've been making PBN's for a while now and i've always made sure that each of my sites have atleast 5,000 words of either fresh, dropped or readable/spun content on it.
Somebody asked me why the other day and I didn't have a reason, it's kind of an arbitrary number I pulled out of my ass.

How much content does your PBN have on it, on average? Curious really, wether I should have more or less, again, on average.

screw ahrefs!

they are such bastards, they don't allow 2 week free trial any more, so I can't use their service for free any more!

but on a serious note, now that they don't allow free trial, what is the most cost effective way to check backlinks? I am thinking majestic at $50 a month or group buy. or I could keep paying $7 every 7 days, that's $30 a month, but it's annoying to have to create accouts over and over again. but I am not sure about group buy, there is one I found on google for $8 a month but…

screw ahrefs!


Dear forum members,

I am asking for a little help to get some Italian links to my 3 Italian websites that are all in very good quality regarding content and onsite SEO.

Is there a friendly soul who would like to help with some links in exhange for payments and link exhange?

May you all have a wonderful day.

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