Need a good course on SEO 2017

Hi folks,

Am looking for a SEO course, which covers the recent trends and tactics;to my neighborhood college students.

Which one should i refer
skillshare or
any other

Good SEO course

I want to learn SEO, but i need some good course for that.
To learn everything, and learn good.
What is the best online course i can get?
I can pay for it.

Ranking a new domain in two months. This is what I intend to do!

I found myself a good business proposal. I have $$$$$ at my disposal. It is a competitive, commercial niche, selling nutraceuticals. I must get the website ranking in two months. This is what I intend to do –

1. Find websites in the same niche that rank between 2 and 5 pages for core keywords.
2. Strike a deal with one and buy their entire business or at least their website, including content. Let it be
3. Recreate that…

Ranking a new domain in two months. This is what I intend to do!

New to CPA

Hi Guys, I'm new to CPA Network I don't know any thing about that now a days I'm struggling to find a best online earning method… So i saw many of you talking about CPA So I Want to Learn about CPA If anyone can explain me a bit or is there any thread with complete information of CPA So I can Learn something from there?

How to get my page published again?

My facebook page (60K~ likes) was unpublished about a year ago after one of the admins started posting links on it and the page was reported and unpublished. I submitted a request and they never even responded to it. I was wondering if there was anything I could specifically say that would higher my chances of it getting published again?

I tried saying that since it wasn't me that posted the links, I would appreciate it if it was published again and I would be very careful who to make admin…

How to get my page published again?

I am looking to hire a writer for my website

I am looking to hire a permanent content/blog writer for my blog to generate content. The blog will be informative but also light hearted. Sometimes the tone will be serious, but it must be interesting and on trend for women ages 16-39

You will be responsible for uploading the content with accompanying pictures

Must understand SEO

need2-3 articles per day on fashion, lifestyle, dating, beauty

Quality content 750+ words

Good grammar

Please send me samples of your writing and let’s talk

YouTube + Adsense

Hey ! I just want to ask if it is possible to make money on youtube using football videos niche with reuploading videos with creative commons and also create my own videos using adsense ?
Thanks BHW

In need of an autoposter


I'm in need of a solution to send the same message fo every company on a website.

An example of a website is :


Example of the form.


Basically it is a directory listing with all companies that i need to contact.

Any ideas?