forums that allow links from 1st post

I want to do some link building,not spamming in leagal way by making post to forums.

Can you please suggest me some forums that allow links in post without reaching minimum 10 post, I want to add link from 1st post? Thanks

How can one make Good money from blog ?

I knew, Making money through blogging is not an easy task to do

There were many sleepless nights behind that overnight success.., In fact, I have little experience in blogging, but not i earned Big Money.

Things i tried are

– Adsense
– Affiliate
– Display / Banner Ads
– Selling own Products.

What Other things to Consider for earning Good money from blog ?

How to handle posts the expire?

Hello, Long time lurker here.

Iv been reading the forums a lot and trying to take in as much information as i can. However, i do not think something like this has been covered.

I'm creating a wordpress site with a custom post type where people can list jobs that expire after 30 days. How should i handle this; as those links will give a 404 after 30 days and to not have google penalize my site in ranking. Is there a way to tell google to ignore those post types? Or does it even matter?…

How to handle posts the expire?

Looking for A Programmer / CODER…

The project I am looking to have done on my webpage has to do with So the person I hire would need to be familiar with Amazon's API . Additionally, I have contacted a few other people about this and they all lead to dead ends. One person did tell me that what I am looking for is more software development then webpage coding. BUT – I am not sure!

Contact me for specific details and a quote.

Thank you.

Looking For Inexpensive Writing Services For My Amazon Affiliate Website

Hey guys, I am recently looking for affordable, good quality content to outsource for my Amazon Affiliate website. It is actually in the Pet Supply niche.

Do you actually recommend getting my articles written for a complete silo (30 articles in the silo)?

If so, can you recommend me a inexpensive, yet quality writing service that you had great experience with?

Thanks! :)