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How to monetize my 120k+ instagram profiles

I have 4 instagram profiles with 120 000 followers combined.

Biggest one have 90 000+
Second have 20 000+
other two only 5000 each.

All followers are active, on biggest profile i always get 1500-3500 likes per post and sometimes 100+ comments.

Now the niches.
All four profiles are from "hot girls" niche.
Biggest one is very specific lets say its girls in lingerie.
Other 3 are just hot girls.

I know this niche is cliche on instagram but is there a chance i can make some money with…

How to monetize my 120k+ instagram profiles

Youtube and Adsense, anyone on this business?

Yesterday I saw a video of someone on youtube showing is earnings of more than 10,000$ for a 10 million views video.
Well, how hard is it getting millions of views? Which videos you need?

Is anyone running Youtube + Adsense with success without showing themselves but just uploading third part videos?

Looking for a special automated system


Have you ever heard about a software/website/script.. who is able to download videos from a channel source, then compile them to make the videos longer and "different" , and finally who can upload in private/unlisted the videos on a channel ?

I can pay for this because download videos, editing them on my PC, etc, take so much time.