Offshore hosting & offshore domain

Hey! I'm looking for a good one offshore hosting & offshore domain that will guarantee safe for my movie website(I will link films and embedd them).

And what's the difference of safety with domain like: .io / .co etc. and domain like .com with whois protection?

I thought on abelohost but I'm living in Europe and I cant even ping them via cmd because of ping time out.

Moving site to brand new domain, keeping ranking?

Hey, have you ever tried moving your site to a brand new domain? I wonder if 301 really keeps rankings.

E.g. you have your site which ranks on page #1 for bunch of terms. You move your site to, exactly the same content, everything the same, 301 old domain to new domain per URL.

Do you immediatelly get the same great rankings on page #1 for the brand new domain?

[Confirmed] Google Docs Scans Your Document Content

I know this will seem obvious to many, but assumption and confirmation are two different things. There is now complete confirmation that Google scans your documents for more than just providing data to help you out.

A bug has revealed that Google is scanning your content for TOS violations. Before, people used to defend Google saying that they have better things to do than track down your crappy PBN that you're storing in Google Docs. Maybe they don't. Here it is for your reading pleasure:…

[Confirmed] Google Docs Scans Your Document Content

Aproved Max Bounty account. What’s next?

I just got aproved on Max Bounty and would like to start something.
What is the best way to make some quick money?
I need to tell you, that I have no website, no IG, only one FB account with almost 1000 friends.
Could you help me please and get me som advices of a good method fpr a newbie?
Thanks a lot

Is there a CMS designed for product review sites?

Hi Folks,

I am setting up a product review website but would rather not use Worldpress.

Are there any CMS products out there that are tailored for review type websites? For example, something that is designed to hold a database of products along with review for the products.

Note: I am going to be the one writing the reviews, it is not a crowdsourced review site.

Many thanks

Why are these small business owners declining my proposal to buy leads/sales (PPL/PPS)?

Ok, so I will get straight to the topic… This is the first site I'm making, I ranked on first page in my country (not English language) for very lucrative plastic surgery terms with high search volume (terms like "breast enlargement", "liposuction", etc.).

So of course I'm looking for a clinic to buy those additional customers coming from my site. I've added a phone number on my site which would forward to their current front desk phone number, but because of forwarding, it also…

Why are these small business owners declining my proposal to buy leads/sales (PPL/PPS)?


Hi All this is admin of F2F TV. My name is Harsh and we are into YouTube videos for entertaining videos. Looking for your love and support.