First steps on Instagram teritorry

Hello everyone

I read every day on this forum how one can make money on instagram and so I finally decided to start this journey.
This could be an impulse for every noob on this forum as I'm a noob myself. I installed the Instagram app on my phone one month ago so I can see how it looks before choosing a bot. The manual management of my account on the phone was absolutely boring for me and my interest was lost after 2 weeks.
I'm not a social guy myself, I don't have an Facebook account…

First steps on Instagram teritorry

Reduce spam threads by downvotes?

Over the past couple of months I have started noticing a huge influx of threads that really don't have much to do with IM on the homepage feed (when you first come on the site), this is exacerbated by trolling and constant back and forth arguments.

All above is fine as this is also a community and members should be allowed to express their thoughts, opinions and have a laugh.

However, there are members like myself who want to see new posts IM related and only good posts.

So my suggestion…

Reduce spam threads by downvotes?

Meeting Setup


Next week at 3pm I have a meeting setup, in person with a local plastic surgeon. I've always been pretty good at bullshitting over the phone, but hurr durr…. The receptionist said "bring whatever with you and we'll see you then".

Anyhow, I have example "review cards" I already sent into print. I would assume I would bring two service agreements (month to month or billed in 6 month increments with discount). As for the review funnel, thats on our website online. I dont think I…

Meeting Setup

Protect Your Site with a “Blackhole” for Bad Bots!

Hi all!

I was searching a way to block bad bots from my sites and I found something that I think would be really useful for everybody owning a website.

From the site:
With a few easy steps, you can set up your own Blackhole to trap bad bots and protect your site from evil scripts, bandwidth thieves, content scrapers, spammers, and other malicious behavior.

You can use it together with 6G Firewall

From the site:
6G is…

Protect Your Site with a "Blackhole" for Bad Bots!

Excited to be here

Hello from the Pacific Northwest (US)! I haven't joined a forum in years. I'm really excited to have found this community and I hope to one day be one of the vet's helping other beginners.

I've spent the last month learning about SEO and I really want to master that before I move on to anything else. I'm trying to take all the veterans' advice and really focus on mastering one thing at a time. I think that will create a lot of value for myself over the years. And yes, I said years. Nothing…

Excited to be here


My post didn't get a single responce in this forum. Just wondering whether I'm pressing the wrong buttons or being ignored is Just normal.

MY Ogads + Youtube Method

Hey everyone , earlier i opened a topic about my earning ..

So basically i want to share my method with you guys , as BHW helped me a lot.

This is my first sharing method , and english isnt my native langauge so sorry if i have any mistakes.

What would you need to this method?
1.Youtube Account
2.Ogads Account
3.30-60 Minutes a day

After you setup all this lets start.

We promoting Tv Shows .

Lets say we are promoting family guy as example.

So you will need to go to -…

MY Ogads + Youtube Method

A help with PBN

Hi, i am fairly new here, i have some questions.

I got those free tools from supa site and scraped some expired, Tumblr and Blogspot sites with some PA, now since i never did deal with PBN's but i was reading about them.

First how safe are PBN's i is it ok to use anchor texts with links and not plain link,
Should i avoid using same keywords on different PBN's

I got to understand that for each domain i should make a new account on platform i plan to use.
Should i use VPN,…

A help with PBN