Scientific guest posts/link building

Hey guys,

Does anyone have experience with link building for websites that are of scientific (biology – DNA) nature?

Perhaps you know someone who offers guest post/link building/link rent services that accommodate this niche.

Let me know. Cheers!

I will BUY youtube comment rank method

Hi mates,
I need a good youtube comment rank method.
I see that the old method don't work anymore.I used to reply to comment and like it with a bot,but after the last update of youtube the bot don't work anymore.So i used to do this manually these last weeks,but i see that there is some comments ranked only with one like or one reply.And my comm with 10 likes and 10 reply is deranked.
Is there someone with a good comment ranking method?
I will buy the method.
Thank you

Time spending

Hey guys,
So basically at my work i have so much spare time while working (desktop job, with internet access.)
Any ideas/suggestions what I could study or read something that can help me building anything from online business to a better personality as a person.( Right now im wasting my time on random youtube videos so.. I would appreciate your suggestions.

I sell verified paypal/Ebay accounts

New to BHW but I sell verified ebay and paypal accounts
Have banks linked to them no 21 day holds
All in great condition
Ebay account has outstanding good feed back
Email mee @ rawtrayaron @ gmail dot com