Honest ebay buyers…your experiences?

I recently had a bit of faith restored in humanity (on ebay at least lol).
A buyer ordered from me way back on Aug 21st. Buyer claimed order never arrived
and I gave them a full refund of about $80 USD. Just last week, a little over 3 months
after purchase date, buyer said the order finally arrived and wanted to pay me back
the $80. I received the money back and it's moment like these that leave me speechless
(in a good way). Only a week before this one, another buyer had also…

Honest ebay buyers…your experiences?

Bulk Twitter Follow Tool

Im looking for a free bulk twitter follow tool. Tweepi doesnt work manage filter is not free. Mass planner is limited access does anybody know of a web service? Not a app

I could really use some help here

I started a tube site using the Detube theme posting videos from Xvideos to get me started. The desktop version of the site is okay but in the mobile version of my site the embedded videos display ads from xvideos which cause the posts to not display properly. My site is pooterpoundersdotcom. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Guys,

Can someone give me a hand with this.

I have been doing SEO since 2008. I've worked on multiple freelance websites but I don't anymore, as i focus on my main affiliate websites, etc.

I am now looking to try and get a "career" going in the SEO industry.

What I am finding frustrating and trying to figure out, is this… I have all the skills needed, I know advanced seo skills, i can develop my own bots to scale up… i know i can do this job that's advertised.. The only thing is,…


Please help me out (GSA+RANKERX)

Hi, im new to this seo game but i need your help with the step i was about to execute.

Which one to choose?

Manual Tier 1 (web.20) —> Tier2 (GSA Package)
Manual Tier 1 (web.20) —> Tier2 (RankerX) —-> Tier3 (GSA Package)


Questions about instagram traffic!

I have previously verified the traffic of Instagram in the IOS version via charlesproxy.
With this, we confirmed the API and worked on it.
But the way I know it is not possible.
Anyone who knows how to view traffic in Instagram on IOS and Android versions wants to sell the information to me!
Please feel free to reply!