Could a PBN fake site help for reputation SEO?

Basically I'm trying to outrank high domain articles for a company due to negative articles on them.

So I was thinking of maybe proposing a PBN plan to make some mini sites based on their company with the brand in the URL with the hopes that high quality linking could help it outrank the bad articles over time.

So for example if the website was called- Tree Cutters I could make a site called or similar, just a random idea.

Could this strategy work though?


Scrape followers

I'm looking for a way to scrape the followers of my own account (only 6k). I only want to do this once so I don't want to spend money on a tool. Couldn't find a working free script on google. Any suggestions?

Amazon Reviews

Looking to purchase 30 reviews for Amazon.

USA, Prime accounts only.

Am able to pay $5 commission for each review on top of product refund.

PM me if you are able to provide the reviews in bulk. Not interested in single reviews. Thanks.


i have 39$ in capital
I want to make money from ebay , but i'm I have to spend my time learning and in the end I do not win anything
What I want from you are some tips:
Is this area easy?
Where is the difficulty of this area?
How long should I work daily? And how many months in order to get a profit?
What is the expected month's income from work after about 4 months of work?
What are the disadvantages of this area?
Every person who has experience or has already worked here tells me…


Service to Manipulate Google Autocomplete / Suggestions

Hey there! I've been playing with Google auto complete for quite some time and found a way of manipulating it, pushing down negative results, adding positive terms, etc (Even for local search).
I was planning on launching a service to remove negative suggestions and even come up with positive ones.
I was wondering if that would be something that you guys that do ORM would be interested and would possibly hire my services? If so, I will probably open a BST here offering my services.

Status (SNT)=IOTA

I think Status coin might go same path as IOTA, let me tell why.

  • It has quite big total supply, but the good news is that only half of it is in circulating supply. That`s a sign of possible growth soon.
  • The coin is new as well, lunched on July 2017 on exchanges.
  • Marker cap is big I would say.
  • Same goes for 24h volume.
  • It has been quite steady on the price, with some drops, but not like huge swings.
  • The technology behind it is very interesting.

Rights now it`s…

Status (SNT)=IOTA