Where to buy visitors for adult content

Let's say that I can convert 1000 people to $15 – $20 in adult niche. I want to buy traffic from banners I checked juicy ads but they are to expensive minimal 0.02 CPC for Tier 1 which is $20 for 1000 people. Also I checked plug rush, there I can get 1000 people for $5 but it's seems to ideal probably there is some catch.

Do you guys have any advice?

Instagram idea

I noticed that instagram crawlers coming from facebook domain, what if I block them, then I don't need prelanders? It will look like this: I post shorten link on instagram for domain A user coming on domain A(where I check if referral is facebook) and being redirect to domain B. All users (bots) which coming from facebook will not be redirected to domain B – original destination. On this way instagram won't be able to ban me?

Where to buy sim cards online

The cheapest tele operater in my country will stop with selling cheap sim cards $1.20 per SIM from next month. This was great deal in the last 6 months but everything that is good does not last too long. So from the next month my only option will be buying $3.00 sim cards.

I'm wondering is there some cheap online service which sell access to phone numbers?

I only need it for instagram verification, so just sms receiving.

Godaddy auctions unreal prices

I have question about godaddy auctions. There are a lot of domains which has DA 0 PA 0 CF 0 TF 0 Backlinks 0 and worth 37k. On example this domain soeasytoremember.com My question is why, I mean it can't be just a name of domain, right?

Can’t find my post on tumblr tag

I created my profile on tumblr two days ago. Today I did some activity, I liked 200 posts, followed 200 people and made 200 reblogs. When I post something mine on example cake photo with link to my website (I tried different websites) I can't find my post on tags which I added. I tested this on many posts with less popular tags on example #yumm but my post never appear there. I tried from different browsers and I always choose "Most recent posts" but my post missing. Maybe my account is…

Can't find my post on tumblr tag

Would instagram ban my accounts

I have 20 accounts every one of them has unique proxy address. Now I want to add my website which has adsense ads for monetization. I'm planing to add one article on every IG profile on example profile about tattoos will have mywebsite.com/tattoo-collection-2017 (shorten with bitly) I'm concern would instagram ban my accounts if I add same website on all of them (different articles), I mean I won't spam I'll just regularly use those profiles.

Noob question about Yoast plugin

I ranked my article/post on google and I want change something about link structure.
Current link showed on google search: mywebsite.com/Category/Subcategory
I want change it to this format: mywebsite.com/postname
In my WP permalinks I set structure "Post name" = mywebsite.com/sample-post/
Why google don't show it in that format?
Also google shows date for my post, how I can remove it because in my case it's irrelevant.

Best proxies for instagram

I want to start my journey with instagram and I'm in searching for good DEDICATED proxies.
I googled little bit and I found instantproxies dot com I'm not sure do they sell dedicated proxies and also in their FAQ is declared that they uses IP authentication which is a problem because I have dynamic IP.
So next on google is blazingseollc they are much more expensive for 10 dedicated proxies (EU location) they wants $16/mo comparing to instant proxies $10/mo but undefined location.


Best proxies for instagram

Selling instagram accounts on ebay

Few months ago I tried with selling instagram accounts on ebay, it was very good
at the beginning, I remember I sold my first account just in few minutes. In the first month I sold around 10 accounts but then I received warning from ebay, they said that I can't sell instagram accounts on ebay because that's against their rules and if I continue with it they might suspend my ebay account. So I stopped because it was my private account on ebay which I use for regular orders.

What will happen…

Selling instagram accounts on ebay

Selling data to companies (Web Scraping)

Two years ago I started with Web Scraping, it was something like hobby. I created profile on freelancer and started there, in two years I had over 50 clients mostly small projects with low budget. In that two years I earned approx $3000. Since freelancer is full with scammers and projects with very low rates, I lost my motivation and give up. The positive side is that I got skills for web scrapping and a permanent client from USA which still pays me $100 monthly for some reports (It's really…

Selling data to companies (Web Scraping)