Expire Domain’s 404

I have built a money site on an expired domain with all fresh contents. Problem is there are 42, 404 urls (showing by yoast). Now what to do? 301 redirect of all 42 urls to my homepage? Or I will make new 42 posts with fresh content and then 301 redirect one by one. Which will be better?

Thanks To BHW

Thanks to BHW specially to all SEO gurus. I learnt a lot from you specially blackhat SEO. After a long days, yesterday my 2 keywords got 1st and 3rd place. I am really happy with that but don't know how many days I will be there. Here is my next problem,

1. Now I want to rank another keywords (33 KW). What to do now? Same process (web 2.0 buffer < tier 2 < tier 3) for every keywords?
2. How to find niche related auto approve blog? Any good working footprint or scrapbox/gscraper tutorial?

Tier Link Building Suggestion

I want to do a manually (tire 1,2,3) link building cause it is a long term adsense niche. My 6 posts are already in 2 page (11-16 th position) for super easy keywords. (4-14 in LTP). I will do manual tier 1 and 2 then blast tier 3 with scrapbox for my 1 post. Hope this can help me to get first page of that post, then inter linking helps other keywords. My plan,

For Tier 1-
3 doc share,
2 image share,
1 youtube,
2 social bookmark,
2 web 2.0 (wordpress, weebly)

For Tier 2-
5 expired tumblr…

Tier Link Building Suggestion