How many sites should i add in Google Webmaster Tools ?

How many sites should one add in google webmaster tools, I mean, the safe limit?

I am not going to link any of those sites to each other, but still, I fell like if they will see so many sites, they might put me in some kind of watch list :p

are there any hidden risks?

what are your thoughts on this, what do you personally do :)

When & How fast should i build Backlinks, please guide

so, i have never successfully build links before, i always give up when i don't see results or just get pissed while placing a link of different sites & they just won't allow.

the biggest thing i want to know, is how many links should i make daily.. should i keep a journal of all those links.. how do i follow the link building plan..

How To Follow A Link Building Plan ?

if any of you could share your own routine of making links, it would be really helpful.