Need League of Legends content writer + Research and put on WordPress

Hello i need a League of legends content writer who do researches and also put the articles on wordpress, format it and put pictures on.

Many Articles contain a lot of copy/paste like gameupdates … etc.

Some articles contain videos, like new heros / champs and a lttle text.

Guides contain a lot of text and no copy pate.

and and and.

I want to make fixed rates for articles, if you can provide such articles for 2-4$ each please write me.
you will find a lot of them.

Payment: BTC

Need quick Google URL scrape tool 15$

Hello i need a quiick google url scrape tool, i pay 15$

enter a keyword and search google for all urls t can find on X pages

Set limit Pages and enter keyword, press search and safe all urls on the X pages you set as limit

Need simpel wordpress website, with Data entry/Paymentwall/Orderpanel

Hello i want to create a shop to sell a product.

I want to create a simple looking WordPress Website and put some information on it.

The essential features are:

– Data Entry to submit data ( people provide account data when they buy our service )

– Payment panel, a simple and good payment panel where people can send all payments ( pls suggest me one, not just paypal … )

– Basic stuff like facebook button, Contact, Faq

If you are able to start right now and create this fast please…

Need simpel wordpress website, with Data entry/Paymentwall/Orderpanel

need to create a webpanel TODAY ( Database, Import Export easy )

Hello i need to create a simple webpanel today, if you are familiar with databases, webpanels then you are good to go.

what we do is:

We will create User/passwords for all of our clients, each of them can log into our panel.

When they are in the panel, they are able to Import data and once they imported it they see the orders all the time ( live time, when we change something in this data … it will also change for the cliient )

We as admin are able to see all imported order from…

need to create a webpanel TODAY ( Database, Import Export easy )

is it safe to grow accs with followliker ? what numbers can i expect

Hello i have a question, i hear a lot about bans for the spam method when you put that link into your bio.

What if do the same method but grow the accs without links just building on content ( still following 100s, a day ofc with old accs ).

is there any problems witht his kind of method ? i look to build a lot of accs on long term and i dont want my accs get banned, what problems could i face when i buy aged accs ? reverification ? Id verifiaction ? ban ?

please give me some advice