Dropshipping and paypal – need clarification.

Written by  on June 4, 2017 

I've used the search button but i haven't found anything concrete. I think some answers here will clear things up for a lot of people especially the noobies like myself who have anxiety just reading about paypal issues.

– Currently using a business paypal account.
– Dropshipping with aliexpress.
– Not selling counterfeit goods.
– Not doing anything illegal and want to keep it that way.

1. What is paypal's stance on dropshipping and if they find out im already doing it can i get banned or…

Dropshipping and paypal – need clarification. ^(http://technopriest.org/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/dropshipping-and-paypal-need-clarification.940020/)

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