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What's happen when google make an payment but bank account is blocked and they can't open it again? Money come back on account and they will sent again on new bank account or what? please help.

Shadowbanned AGAIN

Since today, all my NEW posts are getting shadowbanned again. This is the second time this happens. The only thing i have changed is that i have switched to SSL on my webpage. I thought maybe Instagram shadowbanned me again for the 301 redirect of the link in my bio. But even after i changed the adress in my bio to https new posts won't show up in the hashtags. My older ones though are still showing and even some in the top posts. What the hell is that shit? I fucking hate Instagram for this…

Shadowbanned AGAIN

Reddit taffic monetization [Help]

Hello BHW,
I have just grown 10 reddit account we decent karma and planning to grow 100 accounts if I found any working method of monetize theme profitably.

I was searching for a method that still works but here in bhw every method I feel interest on either old or not applicable at present scenario.

So, can anybody suggest a perfect way of monetizing these traffic.

And, Does Reddit+ Adult CPA still alive, Anybody have experience about it?

Thanks in advance..

Web Developer Needed ASAP – 600$

Hi all,

Following an awesome second second quarter we are expanding again, im currently overflushed with projects and need help immediatley!!

This is time im looking for Web Developer.

The job is FULL TIME, not instersted in agencies or people or who are not avaiable for the full time required on Skype, no exceptions.

Time: 8 hrs a days, 6 days a week saturdays are off.

Skills required:
– must be a rip/clone a webiste using httrack or a similar program and change elments within it

Web Developer Needed ASAP – 600$