who can rank google first page ? [paid]

hello !
is there anyone here ?
who can rank a website to first page of google
medium competition keywords ? or low
within few days or 15-20 days ?

any black hat method still alive ?

i am ready to pay !

sk y p e : ronnie.smith950

thank you

WordPress Theme

my web is related to technology gadgets. Can anyone suggest me a good both left right sidebar WordPress theme please.

please suggest me a good theme.

New seo student

Call Only Ads

Hey guys.

Keen to hear experiences with call only ads. Any ideas what niches work well with them and what to avoid?

Would appreciate any pointers.


My Amazing Crypto Calls

I'll keep this short and sweet, because it's the second time around I'm making this thread.

Who am I?
I like doing technical analysis on cryptocurrencies, in this thread I will share some of my cryptocurrency calls. I would like to at least make one call a day, but I can't promise anything. Some days aren't just suited for trading and if that's the case I won't update.

My calls
Some of my best have generated…

My Amazing Crypto Calls

Beermoney forum signup

As the title states I want to signup for this forum but I always get wrong captcha will anyone be kind enough to try and tell me the accurate answer or if anyone knows beforehand I will be thankful for his help
Thanks in adv


I wanted to buy ethereum and some other cryptos but have no money is there any other way to earn cryptos like ethereum , ripple etc WITHOUT mining ?
Thx have a good day.

Phone case e-commerce business under €1000, my budget & questions, need advice!

Hello entrepreneurs,

First off, I want to make clear that I'm from the Netherlands and not from the US.

I want to start an e-commerce store, but I don't have a lot of money since I'm 17. All I have is about €1000 (about half I earned from freelancing), which is not much. That's why I want to start an e-commerce store using very cheap products, like phone cases. I was wondering what you guys think about my following budget:

€50 – Chamber of Commerce registration

€10 – Domain

~€25 x 2 =…

Phone case e-commerce business under €1000, my budget & questions, need advice!

the best niche for 2017 on adsense

I have as site where the niche is cloud computing and another with car insurance.

With the clicks i get i see the highest ever cpc has been £0.30 but due to traffic not all from usa etc.. the average daily CPC is form £0.10 to £0.19 on better days.

This is an old site.

Id like to ask in 2017 is there a better niche that will give guaranteed higher CPC fo ad clicks then the niches mentioned above?


Any idea?

Hi guys.

I have $700 to invest in a business to make money but I don't have any interesting idea in mind. Any suggestion?.

If you decide to answer this message, please contribute only with serious ideas that can actually be executed because your answer not only can serve to me, it can serve to many other people.

Thanks to all.

New Instagram follow hashtag update

Typing your favorite hashtags into a search box each day is a rather boring process. Therefore Instagram has added the option to follow any hashtag just as you would a normal Instagram user account.

Some people on this forum that usually have 1m impressions or more already noticed a drop in engagement. If you look at for instance the 5m posts hashtag #landscapes you will notice that there are a lot of posts with just hundreds of likes. All major hashtags seem to also feature more noob…

New Instagram follow hashtag update