Free Copywriting For You

Hi guys,

I'm a beginning direct response copywriter, and I'm going to provide a full quality copy for you. I specialize in sales letter, but web copy and advertising works, too.

I do have some real life work experience with actual businesses, but as I'm a beginning copywriter, clients come few and far between. During those quiet moments, I don't want to sit and twiddle my thumb, so I'm providing my expertise to anybody in BlackHatWorld who would like a copy written for them.

If that's…

Free Copywriting For You

Buffer popup on external click ?


I don't know if this is happening everywhere but Amazon pays 3€ for a Amazon Prime account subscription, free for the first month. And 3€ for all my clicks that would make a nice amount of money if I could upsell this while I redirect my visitors to the Amazon offer.

I've been trying to find a plugin that would so this kinda of popup or buffer page.

We are now redirecting you to the best offer on Amazon. Do you know that you can have same day delivery and [list advantage of Amazon…

Buffer popup on external click ?

[TESTERS] Multitool for social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)

Hello, hopefully posting this in the correct forum this time.

I have been working on a program for a while now which I have imagined to be a multipurpose tool for managing different social media accounts. This isn't a new concept by any means but still something that I wanted to try my hands on. Also contains my Imagescraper.

A dasboard for displaying and tracking statistics.


A way to view different feeds for all the…

[TESTERS] Multitool for social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)

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