What impact will AI and Machine Learning have on organic Google results?

Recently the head of the organic search team was replaced with an artificial intelligence/machine learning specialist. After initially having concerns that machine learning and neural nets would break organic rankings, or rather make it so difficult to understand why things rank as they do and exactly what effect changes future tweaks to them would have…it looks like Google are phasing in Machine learning into how they assess webpages. Where do you think this will take SEO, PBNs, Organic…

What impact will AI and Machine Learning have on organic Google results?

Scrap facebook email adresses

Hey folks
Does anyone know if there is a program or a automated bot to scrap facebook email adresses of groups and pages.
For example: I want all facebook email adresses who likes the page: "ICOindex" or everyone who joined the group "bitcoin community"

Thank you

Samll Revenue

Hello Friends,

I have problem with small revenue on ReveneuHits.
I have 23.985 Impressions and my total revenue is only 0.07$.
What can I do? This is not unusual situation? o_O
SS is attatched.

Best regards

Need an expert for AdWords cloaking


I need someone to contact me regards Adwords cloaking.
I can also offer payments or JVs with very good campaigns which will have minimum 300% ROI.

You should have a lot of experience with this and also use it right now cus they keep changing algorithms and stuff.

PM me here if you can handle this, it's likely worth it

Site with over 1k backlinks per domain?


Looking at a niche that appears to be high comp on the surface. Digging a little deeper, the #1 site has over 5k backlinks from 150 domains. One domain looks like a PBN (appears in Ahrefs), and is completely off topic.

The backlinks appear to be coming from a banner from the moneysite, and is placed at the top of the page. The banner is ********, and completely off topic by a mile. Not even an affiliate link.

If a site has 1k backlinks from a single domain, is this something…

Site with over 1k backlinks per domain?

My First Journey (Clickbank + Bing ads)

This is my first journey in IM. At first I'm trying to do ogads + instagram. But after testing it with only 1 acount (manual, no massplanner or instagress), I realize it was really hard to convince people to click my profile. No offense, but it's just my experience, maybe instagram is not for me.
After that I'm moving to clickbank. The reason is simple, it's really easy to register and sell, no phone verification and all.
Anyway after reading a few guideline here in blackhatworld (especially…

My First Journey (Clickbank + Bing ads)

Adwords vcc

I created two accounts yesterday and today canpaign got approved for both of accounts but ads not showing because payment is under review for 2days to 3 . Is that normal or my credit card have issues and better to use other ones