Anyone with Experience buying traffic from this site

Hi mates,
I've once used "internet traffic service dot com" and got traffic with clicks to my recent pages but I was still with blogspot then and didn't track or monitor the traffic. However, I want to try it again to boost my traffic but I need advice from experts here. What do you feel about it and any pros or cons about their service. BTW, I'm not doing affiliate or having AdSense on the blog.

Million’s doing site flipping?

Hey guys just wondering I seen tons of people here flipping 2-4 website per month for living,HOW????
Like how you build and sale a website under a month?
I don't think it's possible to make big $ with a site only few days old,what's the catch?
The secret and how I can flip 2-3 websites per Month too?
Should I buy improve and sell or build from scratch(I don't think it's possible)?
Please really curious to learn!


ProRankTracker discount or similar tools?

I'm currently using the free version of ProRanktracker, but I need to track more keywords. PRT would cost 20$ monthly, are there any other tools you would recommend for rank tracking? (Maybe for about 10$ monthly)

I love the rank tracker from Ahrefs, but stopped using it because the workaround with trial accounts is not possible anymore…

My Adwords accounts – need to monetize them

I am able to get and provide google Adwords accounts.
Most of the accounts that I obtain are with age – they were created in 2004-2016 years.
The accounts can have history, that is to say with spent money in past, and some doesn't have one.
The accounts weren't created by me, I recover them.

I don't know exactly how to work with them, so I am looking for someone that is able to monetize them. You will get part of the money.
I heard that is it possible to get a ban on the accounts,…

My Adwords accounts – need to monetize them

Alt to FollowLiker

Im looking for a cheaper alternative to followliker. Something simple that can just comment on posts, follow/unfollow, and like. Not looking for any monthly payments.