I got a cease & desist letter (letter attached), what to do?

I ranked #1 for a 3000/month cpa keyword. Nothing too great, but this was my second site making money online so i was really excited.

However now i got some serious cease & desist emails from the company. I didn't have my email set up for the site so they had been sending them for weeks I think. They probably think I was ignoring them

Btw this is a multi-million dollar educational company and I was offering fake 'hacks, accounts, and passwords' in the locker.

So i've taken the site down…

I got a cease & desist letter (letter attached), what to do?

Finding Porn That Isn’t Heavily Watermarked For CPA/Referral Sites

Well this is my first ever post and I really want to target the porn industry simply because of how many sites there are out there and how many different money making methods there are. Does anyone know of some good sites that have videos that aren't watermarked right away? I have found a few methods on re uploading porn/sending people to links but every time I download a video there is always a watermark, kind of sucks. If there are programs like adobe after affects or sony vegas that can…

Finding Porn That Isn't Heavily Watermarked For CPA/Referral Sites

Best and worst horror movie?

Going to see IT tonight hoping it will scare the shit out of me. It made me interested in what your best and worst horror movies were that you have seen (no spoils) .


Best: The conjuring (seriously its amazing)

Worst: two girls one cup (yeah just don't watch it)

[Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them

First BHW journey in a while, feels good to be back. I want to share my journey with you guys so we can maybe learn from each other!

First goal: Sell a shoutout

For this journey I will use 2 accounts:

1/ Fitness/Motivation niche (Account A)
2/ Travel, pictures (Account B)

I'm running those accounts with FollowLiker & Gramblr64 (to upload photos etc…)

Here are the stats account by account:

Account A – Day1: 14 Followers
Account B -…

[Journey] Growing IG Accounts & Make Money With Them