socks5 proxies need

am looking to buy shared / private proxy list that can be binded on my IP with monthly payments.
Need the list to have 5K to 15K+ proxies, they can be blacklisted, google / facebook banned.
I am not looking for proxy websites where I can buy subscription, I need raw list that I can input in my softwares.

Looking for long term cooperation.
A 5 – 10 minute test with 5 – 10 proxies will be required.

Price must be decent.

PM or post here your skype, jabber, icq or whatever.
Thank you.

[GIVEAWAY] Free Google Review Posting

Hello Guys,

I will post 25 google place/map reviews for free. Apply here and PM me your google business page link and custom review.

Countries accepted: USA, Canada, UK and Australia ONLY



– Will post only positive review with 5 star ratings.
– One review per user.
– Limited to the first 25 requests.

What causes bots like MassPlanner to get shut down

I'm just curious as to why tools like massplanner, instagress, or even bots for other sites end up getting shut down.

Is it because they do something illegal? Are they violating some policy and then instagram/twitter/Facebook/SoundCloud threatens to sue?

We're working on a multi platform social media automation tool and want to learn more about how this can be done without doing something so bad as to get shut down by a darn social media site.

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Buying US verified upworks account

Buying US verified up works account. Not looking to spend a lot as it doesn't need any reputation and doesn't need to be an old account.

Also you must have some positive trade ratings on the forum or i won't be buying from you.

fb ads

About 2 months ago I noticed about 60% of my typical placements for the fibromyalgia (and other health conditions) niche on Fb Ads just totally vanished. Like over 1/2 of the Fb groups I would normally target in my ad campaigns were gone and I got a little note from Fb saying that many were not available to target anymore.
Am I the only one experiencing this? There must be other marketers out there trying to find a workaround to this. It's pretty much dropped my ROI to almost negative as it…

fb ads

Confused about creating IG accounts

I have tried to take some action here but I feel stuck and confused about how to create IG accounts.
Apparently there are a lot of factors in account creating that can get you banned. Can you mention any of these factors/footprints? What mistakes have you made while creating accounts?

Let's say I want to make 20 accounts. Apparently I have 3 choices.

1. Buy the accounts.

2. Create the accounts using Bluestacks??

3. Use some weird account creator software that will create accounts in…

Confused about creating IG accounts

500$ PBN Expired Domain vs 500$ High DA Blogpost – which has more POWER

As I usually test the weirdest shit, in this case I dont have the luxury for 500$ to do a split comparision. Thats why I came to this point to ask for you oppinion.

Via some lucky serendipitous moments I came to the option to aquire some high DA Posts,

They are all DR63-73.

I can get them for price around 400-500$, depends on the volume, sometimes cheaper from my source.


an usual premium-er expired domain like some UR25+/DR45+,…

500$ PBN Expired Domain vs 500$ High DA Blogpost – which has more POWER