Stealth acc. Can’t buy gift cards and gmail suspicious activity

Here is what happened: Yesterday I tried to buy gift cards using my stealth paypal but payment was declined. There was no problems on paypal website but later I received email, payment declined. Reason – flagged to prevent fraudlent activity. Two gift cards providers. And then I couldn't access my gmail\google voice. They started to ask me for phone veryfiction.

What I got: Stealth acc with new fresh ip from 24vc, new pc user, flash cookies are disabled.

Question: what google (or gift…

Stealth acc. Can't buy gift cards and gmail suspicious activity

Your average daily growth on Instagram?

Hey guys,

sorry for being one of the newbies..and if this thread is not meant to be in this section or has already been discussed several times..sorry in advance!

My question would be:

What is your average daily growth per account on Instagram? Obviously some grow more, some grow less…I'd like to find out whether I'm doing things right or whether I'm underperforming.


How to Gain Backlinks From African Wikipedia Projects

I know it is hard to gain wikipedia backlinks from mainstream languages such as English, French and Spanish. I tried gaining English wikipedia backlinks and I sucked big time. The Wikipedia project has however introduced sub-projects in African languages such as Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Igbo etc.

Currently these projects have very few writers and editors. Personally, I know some Swahili and when I joined the Swahili project, I found out that the main contributors and editors were…

How to Gain Backlinks From African Wikipedia Projects